Why You Should See Riddles as an Art

Riddles are nothing new because we hear them all the time and at this point, most of us are very much familiar with them. Despite the fact that they are not new to us, we still find ourselves to be fascinated by them and we find them in renowned culture all the time. This is mainly because when it boils down to riddles riddlesdb, there is more to what actually meets the eye. There are complex linguistics structures behind the few lines of text that make up riddles, and they can tell us about the art and language in the culture in which they exist.

Riddles can without a doubt be answered and read, however, they tend to be more artistic and effective when they are said out loud or performed. Riddles work within the linguistic and cultural rules that they exist in, thus making it more of an art of assumptions. It is important you are aware of the fact that these assumptions begin with performance. Owing to the fact that the person who is asking the riddle has an idea of the answer, you will observe they place more emphasis on all the words in the riddle are culturally relevant to the answer. This is one of the parts of encoding that is embedded in the riddle. The contents of the riddle are not in any way less important to the artistic and cultural aspects of the riddle. You will find that the answer to the riddle is something that a large percentage of that culture and time can relate to. This point is made apparent by how much the “why did the chicken cross the road?” Riddle survived and how many riddles relating to iron ore died owing to the fact that they do not in anyway relate with or have relevance with most people’s lives. A similar rule applies to the riddle itself, all clues must be culturally relevant in order to have people have an understanding of the references, else it will not be popular. Riddles has the capacity of demonstrating much about language when the sentence structure and word choice is observed.

This is an example riddle: “I live off of a busy street if you like you can stay for an hour or two, but if you don’t pay rent I will tell on you”. The answer is a parking meter. The performance of the above riddle reveals much about the riddles cultural relevance. Whenever this riddle is being shared, there is much emphasis placed on certain words, which are: rent, two, off, and you. In our culture when somebody says that they live off a street, they imply that they live on a street that is in connection to the original street. But in this context, it means off of it literally. When you put emphasis on the word “off”, it says that there is something concealed to the work that is beyond what it actually means, and there actually is. Rent is another word in the riddle with hidden meaning that is emphasized. The meaning of this riddle is relevant to our culture. This riddle with respect to our era is very much specific since just about everyone has at one point in time made use of a parking meter and it is without a doubt a new invention.