Upgrading your PS4 Drive to SSD – What You Need to Know

Solid state drives (SSD) have risen in popularity in the last few years due to the high speed they offer. Compared to the regular hard drive disk (HDD), these SSDs are 8x faster and are consistently reliable. Asides this, they usually come with a 10-year limited warranty, which is considered to be too much for an electronic gadget or tool. Now with PS4 Slim which enables the internal hard drive swap, the best SSD for PS4 might be an excellent choice for some users who intend to benefit from the maximum speed offered by the PS4 Slim gaming console.

Of a truth, there have been some sorts of disagreement on whether it is viable to incorporate PS4 Slim with the SSD or not, taking into consideration the moderately unreasonable price for a gadget that is used solely for storage purposes compared to another related device – the hard disk drive (HDD).

We have to accept the fact that SSDs will enhance the overall functioning of your PS4 Slim console, however, according to our observation, we can’t advise that you should use them for PS4 Slim, due to their high price – that is the main issue.

But if you intend to compete with your pals and feel superior to them, and you are buoyant to make the purchase, then SSD can be the right choice.

What SSD Do We Recommend for PS4 Slim?
We have some people who intend to have an SSD for a PS4 Slim in spite of the points we highlighted above, and for this category of users, we suggest that they opt for SSDs which we consider is the appropriate device for PS4 Slim.

Note that due to the high price rate of SSDs and because a 1TB drive is the largest storage capacity for PS4 Slim, only 1TB and 2TB SSDs are considered.

Our criteria for selecting these drives are:

  • We ensure that the drive has a storage capacity of 1TB and above
  • The user-rating should be at least 4.5
  • It is designed by a well-known SSD manufacturer that has good standing in the market
  • It comes with a moderate price that is considered relatively cheap. This is the reason we implore people to choose drives from mainstream space, we strongly discourage people from opting for a premium SSD.

It is quite easy to purchase a hard drive for PS4 Slim, especially when there are just a few options available. This is because the 2.5-inch hard drive industry is no longer growing due to the advent of solid state drives (SSD) which has greater reliability and efficiency in mobile devices. You can get more information on that in our PS4 Slim Internal Hard Drive Manual.

But does that imply it is worth it to exchange the PS4 Slim standard hard drive for an SSD? Will that action has the same benefits/effects as it is with computer systems? You have to think deeply before making any decision, and we will make sure that these questions are answered appropriately.