Essential Guide to Buying the Best Looper Pedal

There are specific facts you should know about before determining the best looper pedal to purchase for yourself. Read more here for a well-detailed buyer’s guide to help your purchasing decision.


This is probably the first item you should consider when shopping for a looper pedal. The built-in memory has different varieties of pedals and virtually all of them have at least one pedal. In some units, the memory can be extended via the help of an SD card. This is an important feature as memory is essential for recording stereo loops in CD unit.  Some internal stereo has minutes of recording memory while some can record for hours. It all depends on your needs whether you want to get a unit with a lot of memory. If you use it regularly and record numerous loops, I suggest that you opt for the one with a large size of internal memory and probably go for an SD card option.

Stereo or Mono output

Mono output is suitable for jamming purposes but if you prefer to record your loops in stereo, then consider a stereo output. Most pedals are now available in stereo output options such as a chorus pedal that allows you to distribute the sound into a stereo output.

Number of Pedals

The number of switches or pedals in the looper is an important determinant especially if you plan to use the accessory while performing on stage or in a professional setting. Switches and pedals are particularly used to apply different functions to the looper. Many pedals only come with a single pedal which is suitable in most cases but when you are performing on stage it would be extremely hard to move separate dials to play or stop some loops. Therefore, with additional pedals, it becomes easier to make use of these features and switch between loops. It is incredibly useful for a multilayered loop.

Fortunately, you have the chance to add extra pedals to a single pedal looper pedal. It is quite simple to do that but always remember you will have to expend a lot of resources on the additional pedals/switches. In the event that you require multiple pedals then it is better to opt for one that has multiple pedals instead of opting for a single one and purchasing more at a later time.

Multiple Loops

A lot of looper pedals will give you the opportunity to play one loop at a time. It is more like the usual practice and works out well whenever you are practicing solos. Nevertheless, for playing a song you are expected to play at least two loops at a time and for this task, you will need a looper with the capability to do that. This way you can play several pre-recorded loops concurrently and create complex songs and tunes. If you are an expert looking to create records then it is very important for you to really exploit the loops for music creation.