What we’re about

 Xmakeena.com is all about the unexpected.

If you’ve ever browsed through our collections, you probably already know that we’re not looking for the same old commercial stuff that you listen on YouTube or Spotify. We’re looking for something else. Understand that this makes a lot of people uncomfortable because they automatically assume that a lot unexpected or unusual creative audio works are naturally unlistenable. While there is a bit of truth to this, by and large, a lot of the artists whom we catalog, we follow and cover in this website do a great job as far as production qualities are concerned.

It’s not the production value that we’re after. You don’t have to produce polished stuff that came out of a studio. You don’t have to hire professional sound engineers to crank out quality materials. Instead, we’re looking for heart. We’re looking for passion that is expressed in amazing music.

Now, amazing music, of course, is very broad. A lot of people think that amazing music has to sound really polished, well-produced and all the rough edges are nice and smooth. While you’re more than welcome to think that way, we believe that this term is actually bigger and more powerful than what a lot of people try to limit it to. This is why we understand that really rough recordings have a space on the Internet, and we have a lot of those as well.

If you’re looking for something raw, something personal and something real, this is the place for you because we really bend over backwards to invite as many of those artists as possible.

Accordingly, if you know of interesting new artists that operate off the beaten path, do let us know. We need to know ASAP because we’d love to set up a page dedicated to them.


If you know of any events featuring alternative artists who are very new to the scene, do let us know because we’d love to send warm, flesh-and-blood bodies to your event. Believe it or not, we’d love to promote you so, let us know of all the events that you have planned because we have a loyal fan base as well as a longtime reputation and brand that serious alternative music lovers from all four corners of the world pay attention to.

Artist Profiles

If you are in a band, and you would like to get more publicity, this is the place for you. We have a very robust exposure system here so regardless of what kind of music you play, or what you guys look like or where you come from, just send in a profile and the community that is so in love with this place will fill in the rest. Believe us, even if you think you’re the most obscure band on the planet, chances are there is at least one person who may have heard something from somebody who heard from somebody else about you. So, give it a shot. Send us your artist profile, and we’d love to get you started.

Music Commentary

If you are a music critic, or you have some strong views regarding the direction of modern music, do let us know. Reach out to us because we understand that there really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cultural products. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Instead, we focus on making sure that we have an open and warm and welcoming place for people of different opinions. If you feel strongly about a particular brand or a particular musical movement or any other issue happening in the world of musical expression, send us an e-mail and we’re sure to publish it.