Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: A Look at the Best Pickleball Paddle

In pickleball, there are the mediocre and at the same time there are the beginners, but above all, there are the elites that have all the answers but act reluctant when they are asked to share. Choosing the best pickleball paddles can be a daunting task, but to make things easier for you, below you will find the best pickleball paddle reviews to assist you when making a buying decision.

There are different great pickleball paddles available in the market. The best pickleball paddles for you will most definitely be the one that suits your needs. Are you in search of a paddle that is quieter? More control? Has more power? When it comes to selecting your pickleball equipment suppliers and pickleball paddle, there is some give and take.

Gamma Premium Pickleball Paddle
There are lots of reviews on the internet describing this paddle as being the best of the best. If money is not a deciding factor to you and you are interested in having a great quality paddle that will assist you in bringing your A game, don’t look any further this is the one. The Gamma premium Pickleball paddle is a phenomenon and you should be able to get it at a retail price of about $105

This is a middleweight pickleball paddle as it weighs 7.8 ounces. This weight gives you all the control you need as wells as a good amount of power. You necessarily don’t have to bother about fatigue being one of the issues with this particular paddle. If you have issues with your elbow or arthritis, this paddle is highly recommended owing to the fact it is still within the recommended paddle weight.

This pickleball paddle ought to be referred to as the Big Bertha. This is without a doubt one if the widest a d the longest paddles in the market. With a width of 8.25″ and the length of 15.6″, there is nothing in referring to this paddle as a beast. You don’t have any reason to miss any shot, with a large hitting surface.

The Gamma voltage has a graphite surface and it is made with a Nomex core. You are expected to hear a loud pop when you hit the ball, because of the louder Nomex core. In addition, you will observe that the hard surface will increase the speed of the ball. In time past, I might have revealed how much I appreciate flashy paddles but honestly, this is not one of them. The design is very simple and it is very minimalist compared to its counterpart in the market.

Even though it is not flashy and bold, many people still love it. The manufacturer perfected the design of the Gamma voltage. It is important that you are aware of the fact that among the group, this is the only paddle that is manufactured in China.

In summary, if you interested in having an excellent paddle, gamma voltage is the one for you. Word got around that a number of people traded their Onix Z5’s for the Gamma voltage. This paddle is not perfect like every other paddle in the market. Most time you will find that the paddle tends to chip. With such a price, I’ll honestly say that it is unacceptable.

Now you have the best pickleball paddle reviews. Hopefully, at this point you feel confident and equipped with the necessary knowledge to make a pickleball paddle purchase.