Band ratings are very much like sewing machine ratings

Have you ever been to a cutting edge music website where band names had three stars or four stars next to them? Have you been to a website that lists a wide range of bands and they are all ranked in terms of some sort of quality system? You might be thinking that this is the best way to find great music. You might be thinking that since you’re so familiar with such rating systems that it could be easily musical acts.

You can be easily forgiven for taking along those lines because these rating systems are very common. In fact, they are all too common that they lead people to believe that you can simply line up any kind of selection and make the right choice through rankings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because it’s one thing to size up different deodorant brands using this system. It’s another to size up music.

Music ultimately is personal. To one person, a band may sound like a cat with its testicles being sawed off without anesthesia. And other person listening to the same band might think that it’s the second coming of Beethoven. Which person is correct? Which person has the right to be correct? Do you see how it works? It’s subjective. And to engage in some sort of seemingly objective practice of ranking musical acts is very problematic to say the least. It all boils down to how much of an expert the person ranking is.

Ultimately, it’s an opinion. It’s their opinion versus yours. You may come from a different walk of life.  You may have different experiences. You may look at the world very differently. All these differences account for a lot. They account for a difference in how we rank music. Always keep in mind that there are certain subjective parameters. Still, when you pay attention to how general products are ranked and rated, you can come up with objective parameters.

While you may not necessarily go all the way and say that you will trust music ratings with an open heart, you at least open your mind to objective parameters that would make sense in many different contexts. You can then use this information to make better choices.

One way to do this is to study sewing machine ratings. When you notice that different sewing machine review websites use different rating parameters, they usually focus on outcome. They focus at some level or the other on results. When you listen to music, the result of course is the rage of emotions the musicians take you through.

When you read a sewing machine review, you look at the different features that you would normally look for in this piece of sewing equipment and size them up based on certain parameters. This is the kind of thinking that you need to engage in so you can pick apart the objective standards that you can then use to help you navigate the otherwise confusing world of music. If you are really serious in finding the very best music so you can truly be taken and transported to a whole different level of consciousness, you need to be more mindful about it. You have to be more systematic about it.

The great thing about sewing machines and any other kind of product is that they are rated in such a way that the objective standards are always there. If you read these sewing machine ratings enough times, the objective status jump out of you and you’re able to reconnect with them fairly easily. You will be able to use them as some sort of selection grid regardless of what kind of product you are on the market for. That’s what they’re for.

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