About Exmakeena

Xmakeena, pardon the spelling, is based on the Greek concept of deus ex machina. This is a concept that was originally pioneered in Greek plays. This is a cinematic idea.

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Usually, the play would start out normally. It’s a typical plot involving regular people doing their thing. The plot would progress until a certain point in time where, out of nowhere, something weird, fantastic or divine happens. Usually, this takes the form of some sort of Greek god or goddess making the scene, and the plot is thrown off track. Things get really crazy really quickly.

A lot of Greek playwrights use this device because it’s a fairly effective way of just introducing a tremendous amount of drama and then develop it in the plot, especially if you don’t have much time to work with.


As you can well imagine, throughout the years, a lot of playwrights as well as literary critics don’t really have a good impression or a good view of the deus ex machina device. They think it’s contrived. They think it’s artificial. They think it’s a sign of lazy writing. It’s not a surprise that up to this day, the whole idea of some sort of divine, unusual or quirky twist in the plot is met with suspicion. People are not going to dismiss it altogether. After all, we live in a post-modern world but believe me, there is a lot of initial skepticism and suspicion there. It has carried this negative reputation for the past 200 years now.

Different Approach

We take a different approach. We look at the whole ex machina concept as something involving twists in creativity. You may be struggling to come up with music, or you’re just trying to make a living as a musician, but we firmly believe that sometimes it only takes one random and seemingly weird idea to throw off your whole life in a very positive way. We’re always on the lookout for that point of disruption because not only do artists’ lives become enriched by this seeming curve ball from left field, but when they interact with other artists, this might actually create a snowball effect.

Gigs in States

If you’ve ever toured the United States for gigs, you would know that different music scenes have their own distinct flavor and character. We’re not talking about large distances here. We’re talking about city to city or even town to town. A lot of what accounts for this is the whole deus ex machina concept where everybody is basically just trying to copy the next town’s music, and suddenly somebody comes up with some interesting twist, and other people get inspired and even more people get inspired by those people. Sooner or later, the particular area has its own distinct voice. It has its own distinct perspective.

Along with bands

We see this all the time because we’ve traveled with bands all across the United States from big venues to small venues. We’ve seen this play out in so many ways.

This is why this website encourages artists of all sizes and shapes and backgrounds to share what they have. We see the beauty it contains. The spirit that pops out of the machine is really creativity. It’s the spirit of creativity. It may seem contrived. It may seem weird. It may seem unusual, but that’s how creativity works.
We know that even the simplest trigger can start a creative chain reaction that doesn’t just end with members of a band. It can be infectious. It can infect other bands. It can get people to write songs that they normally wouldn’t write. All sorts of amazing and magical things can happen.
Instead of trying to contain it o somehow ridicule it or even dismiss it, we celebrate it because we know that this is how creativity works. You may be trying to get from point A to point B, but enjoy the trip to point Z when inspiration hits you.
Our Aim
We’re always on the lookout for that explosion of something new, weird, awkward or unexpected. That’s what we aim for. That’s what we celebrate, and that’s what we encourage from all individuals and groups who contribute music as well as content to this website.

This place is for you

Make no mistake about it Xmakeena is a cultivating and nurturing place for artists who refuse to commit to color only within the lines. If you are rebellious, if you are a hard-headed artist who just simply won’t conform, welcome home. This is the place for you. Post your experiments here. Inspire each other, network, collaborate. You’d be surprised as to how many other people think just like you.