Our Difference

Well, the difference between this website and other websites that try to cover similar types of music is that we truly mean what we say. The music that we feature and the artists who create them really can’t be found elsewhere.

Other places think that they’re too edgy. Other platforms think that these artists are simply out there.

What we LOVE
This is exactly the kind of alternative music that we love. We specialize in featuring artists who other platforms simply won’t touch or are not even aware of. The reason why we really go out of our way to find quirky, unusual or experimental music is we truly couldn’t care less about commercial appeal.
Pleasing a fan
You have to understand that the typical alternative music platform has one eye on pleasing a true fan base that is really fascinated by interesting and unusual music and another eye on making money. Whenever commercial considerations enter the picture, it’s anybody’s guess when the truly alternative perspective of the website will go away. We’ve seen this happen again and again.
Editorial Policy
We have decided in terms of editorial policy never to go that way. We will never sell out because we understand the importance of having a nurturing, open and supportive platform for struggling artists. Whether you have a day job or music is your life, you can bet that if you create music that other platforms ignore or dismiss, you have a home here.

What we care

We don’t care whether your band will make it big. We couldn’t care less about being the first place to feature a band that eventually became a global phenomenon. It would be nice if any of the artists whom we cover here turn out to be the next and greatest incarnation of Nirvana, but we’d perfectly be happy if nothing happens. What’s important is that we have put together a space that truly creative people from all walks of life and from all areas of the country as well as other parts of the world would feel welcome in.

Pure Hits


We understand you

We understand that if you are a very gifted soul that, by and large, people won’t want to understand you. People don’t want to see eye to eye with you. You probably have been called weird or unusual or abnormal before because you have your own distinct music. You have your own distinct way of looking at life and the world.

Well, there’s no need to feel unwelcome anymore. There’s no need to feel weird or strange because this is the place for you. We couldn’t care less whether you have a following or not.

Required on platforms

A lot of platforms actually have a requirement that whatever artist they feature must already have some sort of fan base. This is a problem because it’s a classic chicken or egg issue. The reason why you’re trying to find an online platform is you want to build a following in the first place. It truly is unfair and frankly messed up that a lot of these places, especially the better-known ones, have this restriction. If you just started or you don’t have much of a following, you’re pretty much dead in the water as far as they’re concerned. That’s too much to bear.

  • It doesn’t matter whether the only people who have heard of you involves your mom and your siblings. This is the place for you. We focus on creativity. We focus on shining a spotlight on creative people from all backgrounds and from all areas of the world.
  • As long as you have a passion for music, and you have put in the work to present something that is at least polished enough for other people to listen to, have at it. This is your forum. Take the center stage. Feel free to share all your creative output because that’s the whole point of Xmakeena.
  • We believe that there should be no barriers to music, and the worst barrier, as you probably already know, is a commercial barrier. In other words, people who “truly matter in the music industry” would only pay attention to you if there is some sort of payday for them somewhere down the road as far as your music is concerned.
  • We understand that real music, and we’re talking about cutting-edge music that is really earth-shattering and groundbreaking, oftentimes don’t make any money, and only after decades when people have been copying that music or were inspired by that music does the genre or anything related to that music becomes commercial.

The Velvet Underground of 60s

If you need proof of this, look up The Velvet Underground from the 1960s when they released their first album, barely anybody bought that album but consider yourself lucky if you have a copy because it’s very expensive now. It’s a collector’s item because it seems that album is one of the most influential in rock history. People wouldn’t even give them the time of day when they launched. When they made their debut, people couldn’t care less. Now, The Velvet Underground is one of the undisputed, most influential in rock history.

Our kind of phenomenon

That’s the kind of phenomenon we’re looking at. We’re looking for people who are simply looking to express themselves musically in an honest and real way. That’s all we expect from you. We want you to be motivated by your passion, and we have provided a space for you. Consider this an eclectic space dedicated to honest self-discovery and community.

You’re not alone

Don’t feel that you’re alone. Don’t feel that nobody really cares about what you’re doing because, believe it or not, there are a lot of other bands from all over the world, who are going through what you’re going through. They can see where you’re coming from because when they produced their music, people laughed at them. People dismissed their creative output. It can get really, really discouraging.

Why We’re here?

This is why we created this space so people can engage in honest self-discovery and network with each other. Our motto is simple. When music is sliced and diced and picked apart, amazing new things are possible. This is the forum for you because if you have all sorts of musical ideas, and you have all sorts of output, other artists can collaborate with you, and you’d be surprised as to what is possible when two heads get together.

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