Our Difference

Well, the difference between this website and other websites that try to cover similar types of music is that we truly mean what we say. The music that we feature and the artists who create them really can’t be found elsewhere.

Other places think that they’re too edgy. Other platforms think that these artists are simply out there.

What we LOVE
This is exactly the kind of alternative music that we love. We specialize in featuring artists who other platforms simply won’t touch or are not even aware of. The reason why we really go out of our way to find quirky, unusual or experimental music is we truly couldn’t care less about commercial appeal.
Pleasing a fan
You have to understand that the typical alternative music platform has one eye on pleasing a true fan base that is really fascinated by interesting and unusual music and another eye on making money. Whenever commercial considerations enter the picture, it’s anybody’s guess when the truly alternative perspective of the website will go away. We’ve seen this happen again and again.
Editorial Policy
We have decided in terms of editorial policy never to go that way. We will never sell out because we understand the importance of having a nurturing, open and supportive platform for struggling artists. Whether you have a day job or music is your life, you can bet that if you create music that other platforms ignore or dismiss, you have a home here.

What we care

We don’t care whether your band will make it big. We couldn’t care less about being the first place to feature a band that eventually became a global phenomenon. It would be nice if any of the artists whom we cover here turn out to be the next and greatest incarnation of Nirvana, but we’d perfectly be happy if nothing happens. What’s important is that we have put together a space that truly creative people from all walks of life and from all areas of the country as well as other parts of the world would feel welcome in.

Pure Hits


We understand you

We understand that if you are a very gifted soul that, by and large, people won’t want to understand you. People don’t want to see eye to eye with you. You probably have been called weird or unusual or abnormal before because you have your own distinct music. You have your own distinct way of looking at life and the world.

Well, there’s no need to feel unwelcome anymore. There’s no need to feel weird or strange because this is the place for you. We couldn’t care less whether you have a following or not.

Required on platforms

A lot of platforms actually have a requirement that whatever artist they feature must already have some sort of fan base. This is a problem because it’s a classic chicken or egg issue. The reason why you’re trying to find an online platform is you want to build a following in the first place. It truly is unfair and frankly messed up that a lot of these places, especially the better-known ones, have this restriction. If you just started or you don’t have much of a following, you’re pretty much dead in the water as far as they’re concerned. That’s too much to bear.

  • It doesn’t matter whether the only people who have heard of you involves your mom and your siblings. This is the place for you. We focus on creativity. We focus on shining a spotlight on creative people from all backgrounds and from all areas of the world.
  • As long as you have a passion for music, and you have put in the work to present something that is at least polished enough for other people to listen to, have at it. This is your forum. Take the center stage. Feel free to share all your creative output because that’s the whole point of Xmakeena.
  • We believe that there should be no barriers to music, and the worst barrier, as you probably already know, is a commercial barrier. In other words, people who “truly matter in the music industry” would only pay attention to you if there is some sort of payday for them somewhere down the road as far as your music is concerned.
  • We understand that real music, and we’re talking about cutting-edge music that is really earth-shattering and groundbreaking, oftentimes don’t make any money, and only after decades when people have been copying that music or were inspired by that music does the genre or anything related to that music becomes commercial.

The Velvet Underground of 60s

If you need proof of this, look up The Velvet Underground from the 1960s when they released their first album, barely anybody bought that album but consider yourself lucky if you have a copy because it’s very expensive now. It’s a collector’s item because it seems that album is one of the most influential in rock history. People wouldn’t even give them the time of day when they launched. When they made their debut, people couldn’t care less. Now, The Velvet Underground is one of the undisputed, most influential in rock history.

Our kind of phenomenon

That’s the kind of phenomenon we’re looking at. We’re looking for people who are simply looking to express themselves musically in an honest and real way. That’s all we expect from you. We want you to be motivated by your passion, and we have provided a space for you. Consider this an eclectic space dedicated to honest self-discovery and community.

You’re not alone

Don’t feel that you’re alone. Don’t feel that nobody really cares about what you’re doing because, believe it or not, there are a lot of other bands from all over the world, who are going through what you’re going through. They can see where you’re coming from because when they produced their music, people laughed at them. People dismissed their creative output. It can get really, really discouraging.

Why We’re here?

This is why we created this space so people can engage in honest self-discovery and network with each other. Our motto is simple. When music is sliced and diced and picked apart, amazing new things are possible. This is the forum for you because if you have all sorts of musical ideas, and you have all sorts of output, other artists can collaborate with you, and you’d be surprised as to what is possible when two heads get together.

Latest Posts

Kratom Crazy Folks are as Pumped up as Rock Band True Believers

A typical rock band tends to attract two kinds of people: true believers and haters. True believers are the people that, for whatever reason, will follow the rock band regardless of what the band members do. It doesn’t matter if they engage in all sorts of disgusting, immoral, or unscrupulous acts because they will always find a way to get around and make justifications.

It’s too easy to dismiss true believers as blind followers and to think that they’re somehow mentally deficient, dumb, or just too stupid to tell lies from reality. You have to understand that it’s very easy for you to judge other people if you are not suffering from what they are suffering. To put it in another way, it’s too easy to dismiss people if you do not have the same assumptions and preconceptions as them. This happens across the board and nobody’s immune to this reality.

Haters, regardless of what the rock band members do and how objectively awesome they sound, will always find the band to be at fault. They will always come up short because they are nearly impossible to convince. Haters are always going to continue to hate. That’s their job.

It’s really a good idea to learn how to create true believers if you are some sort of marketer. You are probably thinking that creating true believers is something that just happens. It either happens or it doesn’t. Either you’re lucky enough that this is the case or it’s just not going to happen. Well, what if I told you that you can develop true believers?

People are not born true believers. They learn and figure out certain things, that’s why they’re true believers. In fact, these people can easily turn into haters. So, how do you get people pumped up to become true believers of the product that you’re promoting or the cause that you are advocating? It all boils down to understanding how rock band true believers work.

Believe it or not, Kratom Crazy people, who are really big on the Kratom health benefits, started out as skeptics. At the very least, they started out as neutral. With the right amount of encouragement, as well as peer pressure in reinforcing messages, these people became true believers. If you understand this process, then you’ll be able to pretty much sell anything.

In our modern world, it doesn’t really matter what the truth is. I know it may sound immoral, evil, or unacceptable, but it is the reality. It’s not really a question of the objective truth but more on the positioning. So, if you understand how this works, you’ll become a more convincing and persuasive person.

Reading up on Nutrisystem is much like reading up on rock bands

The funny thing about rock band journalism is that it observes a specific pattern. It doesn’t really matter who wrote the article and when it was written. Rock band journalism written after the 1970s seem to follow some sort of template. Whatever the case may be, there seems to be a standard way of talking about everything related to rock bands.

Writing a material that doesn’t fit the pattern would make fellow journalists think of you as an amateur. If you want to get the inside scoop on, you have to look at it from many different perspectives. In other words, you can’t interview cult members and expect to get to the truth. That’s simply not going to happen.

Cult members tend to be brainwashed and tend to look at the world a certain way using the same lens. They repeatedly end up going to the same place they don’t necessarily want to be in or get something out of. This is why it’s a good idea to learn how to read different types of information in such a way that you become a trained analyst. You owe this skill to yourself.

You will come across materials in a span of 24 hours that will try to persuade you to do something. Everything comes down to persuasion. Either they are trying to make you believe a certain set of facts or they are trying to separate you from your hard-earned dollars. That’s just the way it is. It’s about time that you wrap your mind around this concept so that you won’t become a victim.

The world is split into two camps. You are either a victor or a victim. It’s not a good idea to split the world in terms of black and white, but in this case, it’s a good idea to make an exception. This is reality.

Learn how to read up on rock bands a certain way so as to preserve your objectivity and your ability to make a truly informed decision. With this, you will be able to apply that specific skill set across the board. Take the case of Nutrisystem diet systems. You might be thinking that this type of material pretty much stands on its own. After all, this type of media involves losing weight. But what does this have to do with a particular rock band and music in general?

What truly matters, at the end of the day, is attitude. If you learn how to process information with the right attitude, you will come out on top. So, read up on Nutrisystem the way you would and be as critical of rock bands. You probably would be making one informed decision after another.

Impress your audiences more with the right guitars

If you’re reading this, you are either a band member in an alternative music band or you are their manager. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you need to understand the importance of playing the right instruments.

A lot of people in the music scene think that as long as they produce the right sounds and as long as they develop a good following, they don’t have to worry about much. Well, that may be true if you already have some sort of professional recording contract. If a studio has already taken you under its wing and has equipped you with the best musical equipment and may have even invested in your musical career by supplementing your demo tapes or recorded music with session musicians, then you have nothing to worry about.

However, if you are like most everybody else, you might want to sit up and pay attention. Every little bit counts, and if people think that the guitars are a bit off or the drums do not sound the way they should, this can have a serious impact on how well your act makes it in the industry.

You probably don’t need me to remind you of how competitive the music industry is. You might think that you are at the top of your game in terms of musicianship, but you might want to think again because there are simply thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of other acts competing for the same audience. That’s how harsh the music landscape is.

Until and unless you make sure that your output is the very best it could be in terms of quality, impact and presence, don’t be surprised if your competitors leave you behind. That’s just the nature of the beast.

This is not personal. This is not a slam against you. This not meant to insult you or diminish your dreams, but this is the reality. It really all boils down to taking care of the right details.

Unfortunately, a lot of alternative bands focus more on booking their concerts and local performances than they do making sure of logistical issues. This is a serious mistake because this can definitely come back to haunt you.

Do yourself a big favor. Make sure you are playing with the right guitars. Make sure that you’re producing the right music. This is really the key to impressing your audiences more. You have already impressed them.

The key here is to take it to the next level so that the word of mouth regarding your musical act reaches a viral level. You really can’t assume that this will take care of itself. It usually doesn’t work that way. You have to keep pushing. You have to put in more time, effort and energy to get this going.

You can’t just assume that just because you have an itinerary set up and you’re playing gigs at club after club and you’ve released a demo that everything will fall into place naturally. If only things were that easy.

Offer something different at your next alternative music show by showcasing the kind of Segway board UK fans love

The great thing about extreme outdoor concert events is that people have a lot of options in terms of entertaining themselves.

Of course, the main reason why people go to outdoor festivals is to enjoy amazing music. They are also there to meet new people, especially members of the opposite sex.

If you are young and you’re looking for attractive partners, this is the place to be. What could go wrong, right?

Well, here’s the thing. People go to outdoor festivals for a wide variety of reasons. Just because you’re there for a specific purpose, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would see eye to eye with everybody else there.

This is why it’s a good idea, if you are hosting your own show or you are part of some sort of management team, to showcase different forms of entertainment. So regardless of where people come from and regardless of their expectations, there will always be something for everybody.

Now, this is a tall order because as you probably already know, you cannot please all the people all the time. That is just foolish. That’s just not going to happen. However, you can please most people most of the time.

I know that sounds crazy, it sounds impractical, but it’s perfectly true. As long as you focus on minimum levels of quality and minimum levels of engagement, whatever activity you’re engaged in can be a success. This is definitely the case when it comes to outdoor festivals.

So do yourself a big favor, showcase the kind of Segway board UK fans love. This hoverboard is a big deal all over the world.

And it’s for a good reason. People love hoverboards because it’s something different. It’s something new. It’s something fun.

So if you are serious about taking your alternative rock show or outdoor arts festival to a much higher level, you might want to consider featuring the kind of Segway board UK fans look forward to.

Now, this is not a slam dunk. This doesn’t necessarily mean that just because you offered this type of engaging alternative entertainment that people would automatically conclude that they got what they came for. It’s really not that simple.

You have to make sure that all other details are properly taken care of. For example, basic amenities like bathroom and sound quality should be top notch. This should go without saying.

And unfortunately, when people focus on the amount of money they could be making from alternative outdoor festivals, the basics are the first thing to go.

So do yourself a big favor, look at the big picture. Don’t neglect any detail and you would surely be rewarded by amazing attendance.

Amazing attendance, of course, translates to greater ticket revenues. Greater ticket revenues, of course, translates to more dollars appearing on your bank account. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

A little bit of attention to the basics can definitely go a long way. It’s all about engagement and it’s all about creating happy distinctive memories. That’s the name of the game when it comes to hosting alternative music festivals.

Whether they are indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about the experience.

Great outdoor music festivals need the right garden decking

The last time I was at an outdoor music festival in a relatively small club in New Jersey, it was a mess. It really was because it looked like we were just hanging out at some weed-covered, overgrown backyard.

Imagine lots of empty tin cans, candy wrappers, styrofoam cups, plastic ruined cups, and other debris that you would normally associate with all sorts of decline and neglect. Imagine the dead ground. Imagine the dry brown shrub that doesn’t exactly speak of freshness, adventure, hope, or possibility. Instead, you have a nightmare or disappointing view of industrialized neglect. This is exactly the kind of depressing signal many of the typical rock outdoor concert venues communicate on so many different levels. You don’t have to be some sort of genius to get this impression.

Now, if you’ve ever been to a backyard in a suburb, you can easily be forgiven for thinking that the backyard is well manicured, that it has a nice, lush green carpet of living grass. This is the common suburban vision of backyard gardens.

But believe me, if you are holding great alternative outdoor music festivals, the grass is the first thing to go

I’m not talking, of course, about grass that you smoke. I’m talking about grass that you stomp on, grass that you pour beer on, grass that you place all sorts of stuff on. In other words, grass that can easily be abused.

And, let’s face it, grass can only handle so much punishment until it turns brown and it looks horrible.

It is no surprise that a lot of outdoor music festivals, whether they are alternative music or not, suffer from bad optics. It’s really quite demoralizing when you look around you and all you see is brown dead scrub.

Now, this makes all the sense in the world if you are holding an outdoor music festival in Southern California or any other arid area like Arizona.

But if you are holding it in a northern state like New York or Ohio, you really have no excuses. It should be green, it should be lush, it should be beautiful.

So do yourself a big favor, if you are holding an outdoor music festival regardless of where it might be in the United States, invest in the right garden decking.

It really goes a long way in setting the right ambience so people would want to go back to your outdoor music festival year after year after year. That’s the bottom line.

Treat it like a business and you will be well taken care of. Treat it like a hobby or try to grab as much cash as you can, then don’t be surprised if your outdoor music promotions business goes belly up.

Going to alternative music venues can separate you from your cell phone. Make sure you are properly protected by visiting www.handyorten-24.de

When was the last time you went to an alternative music venue? Chances are, it was very loud. Chances are, there was a huge crowd. In fact, in many cases, there’s an unruly crowd.

And it’s not a surprise that oftentimes, people who go there as a couple or go there in groups tend to get separated. This is especially true if you need to separate from your group so you can go to the bathroom. Good luck trying to find your way back.

In fact, in many cases, you rub against so many people that your wallet gets taken. I know that sounds crazy because a lot of these places have bouncers. They’re supposed to have security. In fact, a lot of them even have close circuit cameras.

Unfortunately, these precautions don’t really protect you all that much when there is dim lighting. This is precisely the perfect combination of factors that petty thieves take full advantage of.

Whether you are going to lose your cell phone due to your own neglect or just through sheer distraction, or people actually took your cell phone from you, you need to make sure that you are properly protected.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even think about this. A lot of people think that as long as they hold on to their cell phones, they are good to go. Well, believe me, it doesn’t really take much to distract people.

I’ve seen expert thieves demonstrate their skills on YouTube. What they would do is they would press close to you so your attention is focused on their body or your attention is diverted to something that you can see in front of you.

Little do you know that they’ve already taken your cell phone, your phone, or your tablet. In many cases, they’ve even taken an article of clothing. That’s how skilled these thieves are.

Now, you may be thinking that since you’re into alternative music that these thieves don’t really hang out at alternative music venues. You might even be under the impression that these thieves are too specialized and too professional to waste their time at such alternative music scenes. You would be absolutely wrong.

You have to understand that theft is a crime of opportunity. Expert thieves size up people based on how distracted they are. So even if you’re the biggest, scariest looking guy in the room, if you are properly distracted, you are fair game to these people.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you’re grasping your phone that somehow, some way, your phone will never ever be separated from you. In fact, that’s the kind of mindset that expert thieves take full advantage of.

Protect yourself by making sure that you have downloaded the Handy Orten app onto your mobile phone. Also, set up your phone to have the geo-location turned on.

By configuring your phone based on these two parameters, you can ensure yourself that if your phone somehow, some way, gets stolen or misplaced, you have at least a few hours to locate your phone.

Now, you may be asking why you only have a few hours to retrieve your phone. Well, it really all boils down to the battery life of your phone. Your app and your phone’s geo-location features only work up to the point where your phone has enough energy to send out signals.

So do yourself a big favor, install the app. And if your phone unfortunately gets lost, you only need to go to www.handyorten-24.de, log in, and figure out where your phone is.

Maybe you need to talk to the lost and found people. Maybe you need to talk to the police. Maybe you need to confront people. Whatever the case may be, Handy Orten will ensure that you have the information you need to at least get a shot at recovering your phone.

Alternative music venues need high quality water heating from primeheaters.com

Usually, when people think of music studios, assuming they think about them at all, the last thing on their mind is the quality of the water. Seriously.

Most of the time, people would size up and compare different music studios based on the equipment such studios have. As you probably already know, state of the art, high tech equipment definitely counts for a lot.

If you’ve ever wondered the impact equipment has on overall sound quality, just check out sound recordings from mom and pop corner shop sound systems with big name, brand name, heavy duty, heavily financed sound studios. The difference is like black and white.

High quality sound basically makes the novice sound like a pro. Not bad.

In fact, in many cases, if you listen to a mom and pop shop recording, it’s as if you’re listening to a potato.

I don’t mean to be humorous, I don’t mean to crack jokes, but this is as close to reality as you would get because these mom and pop corner shop studios do save up and coming artists a tremendous amount of money.

If you’re a struggling artist, you want to hang on to every dollar you struggled for. This is why a lot of demo tapes and demo records are cut through low cost, low quality sound studios.

Now, this might seem like a pragmatic choice, but you’re actually giving up a lot in the process. Your music might not get far because of the horrible quality. Still, if you really want to take your alternative music to the next level, you have to find the very best studio recording companies.

Now, most modern companies have really leveled up their recording equipment. They use digital equipment, and it’s very hard to tell whether you are listening to a demo recorded at a very cheap place compared to one that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s how awesome modern recording digital technology is.

With that said, there’s still quite a bit of difference because low cost venues don’t invest in proper ambience. In other words, they don’t cover the basics.

Take the case of water heating. If you live in a very cold part of the United States, recording music in one of these low cost places would be like pulling teeth. Your face is freezing because the water is freezing. You can’t make tea or coffee because you can’t have access to cold water.

This is why if you are serious about recording the very best alternative music your band is capable of recording, insist on venues or recording specialist studios that have high quality water heating equipment from primeheaters.com.

Primeheaters is the ultimate name in tankless water heaters. They will definitely know how to give you the right equipment to produce the right results at the right time.

Stop screwing around with low quality recording experiences because, believe it or not, this is going to have an impact on your performance.

Does hyping a band with free League of Legends skins and champions make sense?

If you run a cutting edge music website, you probably have a lot of bands contacting you trying to get you to publicize them. You are probably sick of this because most of them would try to get you to do this for free. As you know, you only have so many hours in a day. You have a lot of duties, responsibilities and obligations. You have a life to live after all. Most of the time, you are very resistant.

However, there are times when a band steps up and offers you a little bit of something to grease the process. I’m not necessarily talking about a bribe. The most common thing a band tries to get your attention is that they would give you something free that you find valuable. Maybe it’s a new jacket, a ticket to a restaurant or a movie. Whatever the case may be, they try to get your attention.

Since we live in the video game age of League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Fortnite, more and more people are looking for video game freebies. If you spend a lot of time on the couch playing video games like Call of Duty, you definitely will appreciate this. In fact, you might be looking forward to it.

Given this context, does it make sense for band promoters or people in your situation – the owners of cutting edge music websites, to offer video game digital freebies? Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer. This is not a fairly easy question to solve. Let’s face it. Different people have different preferences. As the old saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.”

While a lot of people would not hesitate to feature a band in the front of their digital magazine just because they got free League of Legends skins and champions, some would be more resistant. Obviously, the most resistant people are those who have not heard of League of Legends. If you try to offer this to them, they probably would laugh at you.  Maybe they’re into death metal or some other hardcore forms of rock, and they could not be bothered with anything and everything related to video games.

However, other gamers who are into the most intense forms of modern rock are also heavy into World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Clash of Clans. It really all boils down on how you fill out your prospect. If you are looking to hype up a band in any way, shape or form, it’s a good idea to fill out your prospect. How do you know? A lot of them use their social media accounts when writing stuff on their band profiles.

Look up their social media accounts. Do they talk about video game? Do they feature livestreams of professional video game players kicking butt? If you see that information, zero in on the specific video they’re most excited about. Once you have that information, you can then look for premiums or digital freebies based on those video games that you can offer to these influential people.

That’s how you play the game. Don’t think that just because you’re big on League of Legends that people would fall over themselves because you offer free League of Legends skins and champions. It’s not that easy. Sure, a lot of people think that League of Legends is the best thing since sliced bread but this is definitely not universal. It doesn’t apply across the board.


Take your real-time hard-rock game to the next level by visiting the LoL Epic Shop

Back in the day, for you to be a member of a hard rock band, you basically have to be a hard drinking, womanizing, larger than life character. In other words, you have to be a man’s man.

Now, there’s a lot of holes in this theory. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. You don’t necessarily have to be your neighborhood’s local MENSA representative to see right through this one. It is actually kind of obvious.

In many cases, a lot of the public persona of hard rock bands are exactly that – public personas. They are completely generic, they are completely made up, and they are oh so synthetic.

The reason for this, of course, is that young, juvenile males project all their angst, aspirations and frustrated teenage dreams onto their rock idols. These rock idols, then project the all too typical macho swagger that invigorates and thoroughly engages their mostly male following.

What could go wrong, right? Well, it turns out, everything.

A lot of this stuff is really just an act. A lot of it is really just all about living up to some sort of ideal so your band can continue to make money all day, every day.

I know it sounds harsh, I know it definitely sounds like I’m being skeptical and cynical here, but let’s call a spade a spade. In most cases, the alternative music hard rock character building game is really a self seeking and cynical game.

There is no need to pretend to be somebody you’re not. If you’re into video games, then let people know. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to have to be defined by your propensity to play video games all day, every day.

However, this also doesn’t mean that you should deny it or somehow, some way, run away from it. A little bit of authenticity and sincerity can really go a long way in taking your hard-rock brand to the next level.

Take the case of League of Legends. League of Legends is so popular that it really would not be a surprise to find out that the vast majority of musicians in hard rock bands have somehow, some way, at some level or another, played League of Legends.

This should not be a surprise. Statistically speaking, this should be expected.

So if you are a member of a hard rock band and you really are serious about taking your game to the next level, stop worrying about your public image. Seriously. Stop it.

Instead, get the tools you need from the LoL Epic Shop so you can truly dominate League of Legends. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Even alternative bands need to read the Huntspot blog

For the longest time, a lot of alternative bands lived up to the alternative lifestyle image. Whether we’re talking about sexual orientation or food preferences, there was always something about alternative bands that somehow, some way, required that they live outside the mainstream.

Now, you know and I know that, for the most part, this is an act. How many times have you heard of a supposedly vegetarian band eating burgers? How many times have you been let down by a supposedly peace loving band whose members actually turned out to be stockholders of defense companies?

As you can probably well imagine, hypocrisy in ingrained in the human character. This is especially true if you make a big deal of preaching to other people.

The moment you start preaching to other people, you better watch the way you walk and talk because they better line up. Otherwise, you’re going to fall. And most of the time, you’re going to fall hard.

You see, you really wouldn’t know disappointment and betrayal until and unless somebody has pumped you up. In other words, if your expectations are so up there, it’s very easy to feel so let down and so betrayed by the people who have pumped you up with your expectations.

Alternative bands have been doing this since forever. And this is why the stories of these people failing to live up to their ideals or their self professed character shouldn’t really be a surprise to anybody.

But the problem is, people have elevated showbiz celebrities to some higher level of moral responsibility. Let me tell you, the sooner we get rid of this idea, the better off we would be.

Alternative bands should keep it real. If you like to eat meat, then say you eat meat. No need to pretend that you’re some sort of vegan or vegetarian.

If you like to screw around, don’t get married. If you like to have sex with as many different women as possible, don’t have a girlfriend. It’s really that basic.

So if you are a member of an alternative band and you want to keep it real and you love hunting, then check out the Huntspot blog. There’s no shame in that game. If you like shooting game animals, then it’s part of your character.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to proclaim it to the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this particular hobby of yours has to necessarily define you, but you shouldn’t run away from it either. You shouldn’t try to pretend to be something you’re not.

A little bit of authenticity goes a long way when it comes to alternative bands building a solid and long lasting brand in whatever genre of music they’re in. That’s the bottom line.

So if you like hunting, check out the Huntspot blog and get all the information you need to take your hunting to the next level. There’s no need to be ashamed. There’s no need to be embarrassed about your hobby. Let’s keep it real.

Band ratings are very much like sewing machine ratings

Have you ever been to a cutting edge music website where band names had three stars or four stars next to them? Have you been to a website that lists a wide range of bands and they are all ranked in terms of some sort of quality system? You might be thinking that this is the best way to find great music. You might be thinking that since you’re so familiar with such rating systems that it could be easily musical acts.

You can be easily forgiven for taking along those lines because these rating systems are very common. In fact, they are all too common that they lead people to believe that you can simply line up any kind of selection and make the right choice through rankings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work because it’s one thing to size up different deodorant brands using this system. It’s another to size up music.

Music ultimately is personal. To one person, a band may sound like a cat with its testicles being sawed off without anesthesia. And other person listening to the same band might think that it’s the second coming of Beethoven. Which person is correct? Which person has the right to be correct? Do you see how it works? It’s subjective. And to engage in some sort of seemingly objective practice of ranking musical acts is very problematic to say the least. It all boils down to how much of an expert the person ranking is.

Ultimately, it’s an opinion. It’s their opinion versus yours. You may come from a different walk of life.  You may have different experiences. You may look at the world very differently. All these differences account for a lot. They account for a difference in how we rank music. Always keep in mind that there are certain subjective parameters. Still, when you pay attention to how general products are ranked and rated, you can come up with objective parameters.

While you may not necessarily go all the way and say that you will trust music ratings with an open heart, you at least open your mind to objective parameters that would make sense in many different contexts. You can then use this information to make better choices.

One way to do this is to study sewing machine ratings. When you notice that different sewing machine review websites use different rating parameters, they usually focus on outcome. They focus at some level or the other on results. When you listen to music, the result of course is the rage of emotions the musicians take you through.

When you read a sewing machine review, you look at the different features that you would normally look for in this piece of sewing equipment and size them up based on certain parameters. This is the kind of thinking that you need to engage in so you can pick apart the objective standards that you can then use to help you navigate the otherwise confusing world of music. If you are really serious in finding the very best music so you can truly be taken and transported to a whole different level of consciousness, you need to be more mindful about it. You have to be more systematic about it.

The great thing about sewing machines and any other kind of product is that they are rated in such a way that the objective standards are always there. If you read these sewing machine ratings enough times, the objective status jump out of you and you’re able to reconnect with them fairly easily. You will be able to use them as some sort of selection grid regardless of what kind of product you are on the market for. That’s what they’re for.

Setting up the right cutting edge music sites needs topnotch hosting

Xmakeena.com is always about cutting edge music. A lot of people have all sorts of weird ideas regarding what that means. They think that cutting edge music has to sound rough. A lot of people have this idea in their heads that for a music to be truly new, imaginative and cutting edge, it has to be rough around the edges.

I can see why a lot of people have this kind of association because for the longest time, due to low quality and low cost recording equipment, new bands looking to redefine the musical landscape, sounded nasty. That’s right! It sounded like they used a potato to record their music.

Fast forward to today, there’s no excuse to do that. Thanks to digital equipment that is so cheap yet so good, even if you have exactly fifty dollars, you can come up with decent sounding music. Automatically, assuming that cutting edge or pioneering music has to sound bad at least from a technical level, it doesn’t make any sense in the here and now. It just doesn’t.

If you are looking to put up a website that compiles all the latest cutting edge music in your part of United States. Listen up! It’s not as easy as you think. You can upload to all sorts of torrents. You probably already know that a lot of people don’t want to hassle with torrents because you have to download special software. You have to format your site a certain way. In many cases, people have this nasty association about torrents. They think that if you offer torrents, then automatically, you’re offering porn or crack software or illegal content. Who wants that headache?

This is why you need to offer mp3s and you need topnotch hosting. You have to put up a website that enables you to stream as much music as possible without burning a hole through your pocket. You’re probably thinking, “Why don’t I just host using a wide variety of free hosting sites out there?” You’re more than welcome to think that but unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. There’s a reason why free hosting exists and it’s because they are not able to handle all that much traffic.

If your cutting edge music website doesn’t get much traction and only a handful of people visit your website every day or every month, you’re okay. But if your website becomes a hit, you know that people are going to have a tough time. This can lead to a really bad impression regarding the music that you’re sharing.

Hosting is crucial. This is why it’s really worth a few of your bucks. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But you definitely have to step up as far as investment is concerned. Now that I have opened your mind to the possibility that you need to spend some money on hosting instead of automatically relying on free hosting options, the next question is, “How do you figure out which hosting service to use?”

This is the central question that you need to start with because if you make the wrong call here, chances are, people will forget all about your cutting edge music. It doesn’t really matter whether you feature the very best cutting edge and innovative music; people couldn’t care less because they feel that your website is too much of a hassle to use. You have to hit the ball out of the park the first time you step up. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

Hosting plays a big part in making this happen. Since there are so many hosting options out there, it’s very easy to get confused. It’s very easy to assume that once you’ve seen one hosting company, you have pretty much seen it all.  This happens to the very best of us. It’s quite common, actually. Unfortunately, the moment you start thinking that, it’s the moment you start making really seriously bad decisions.

So how do you figure out great hosting? First of all, you pick reviews of really good hosting companies and then compare them with each other. That’s the bottom line because it’s not like you’re going to be buying from those companies. Instead, you would know what kind of parameters people look at so you can then apply these parameters to lower costs on service providers and to end up with the right choice.

I would start by doing the following. Understand the right hosting features by figuring out Siteground versus WP Engine. Start there. Then, get a clear understanding of your needs and proceed from there.